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ta‚lem's aim is quite simple : exploring the different sides of ambient music through 3"cd-r's (and more recently through FLAC files).

as we're tired of all these ultra-limited & ultra-expensive releases, ta‚lem discs are unlimited editions and are sold for a cheap price (4.50 euros + postage for the physical releases, 3.50 euros for the digital ones).

as long as the demand exists, every release is available.

the packaging is simple : a full-coloured printed mini-disc (most artworks are now done by our graphic artist delphine ancelle-b., others by the artists themselves, in the past by cyril herry or malika ulhen) in its lovely jewel slim-case with an informative sticker on the back. that's all. no cover, no poster, no badge. digital files come with an arwtork (.jpg) file and an info (.txt) file.

three releases are issued approximately every three months.


life-time warranty!
it very rarely happens but it unfortunately does: if your ta‚lem 3" doesn't play or can't be played anymore, just drop us a mail, we'll happily send you a replacement disc for free.


(revised january 2010)