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fabio orsi "ànemos" [alm 132] // gregory kramer "silent city blizzard" [alm 133] // andrea marutti & carlo giordani "impressioni organizzate di ansie liquide" [alm 134]




various artists "homework - year 4" [almp3.9]
.cut, a.f. jones, aidan baker, andrea marutti, arash akbari, artificial memory trace, bardoseneticcube, ben fleury-steiner, christopher mcfall, cinema perdu, compest, cristián alvear & d'incise, daniel menche, david escallón, désaccord majeur, edward ruchalski, ellende, EMERGE feat. eric zwang-eriksson, emmanuel mieville, enrico coniglio, exportion, fabio orsi, flavien gillié, goose, hirotaka shirotsubaki, hum, i: wound, ieva aka samuel andré, ingeos/toy.bizarre, internal fusion, james p. keeler, jérémie mathes, john grzinich, jon unger, lee enfield, mathias delplanque, maurizio bianchi, michiru aoyama, modelbau, moljebka pvlse, netherworld, nigel samways, nimh (giuseppe verticchio), philippe lamy, pholde, pollypraha, rhucle, ryosuke miyata, saito koji, seki takashi, shinobu nemoto, simon whetham, strom noir, tainnos, tarkatak + a thousand vows, terje paulsen, tone color, tzesne, vance orchestra




vance orchestra "organizing the evidence" [alm 129] // quest "(a) quarter" [alm 130] // andrea marutti "sleepless nights | lysergic mornings" [alm 131]




jon unger "memory indicator" [alm 126] // flavien gillié "rituels domestiques" [alm 127] // a.f. jones "for eschrichtiidae (omniana)" [alm 128]




various artists "homework - year 3" [almp3.8]




cinema perdu "2 compositions with found sounds" [alm 123] // tainnos "kierto" [alm 124] // emmanuel mieville "jin gang jing (le sutra du diamant)" [alm 125]




after a few months delay, here are 3 brand-new releases for you to enjoy, showing once again the diversity of the ambient genre... please discover:
alm 120 - exportion "phantom line"
alm 121 - escallón + isaza "nubes"
alm 122 - arash akbari "perpetual"

they are as usual available as a limited edition (32 copies) mini-digipak 3"cd-r, non-limited mini-jewelcase 3"cd-r and digital release.

as usual too, the three mini-digipaks are available as a bundle for a special price (22 euros worldwide postage included) for a limited time (until 22 june 2018 included).

and in case you've missed it (it was not announced here), the second volume of our annual pay-what-you-like digital compilation is still available from our bandcamp page. "homework - year 2" gathers 67 previously unreleased tracks by taâlem artists. download it here!


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