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various artists "homework - year 4" [almp3.9]
.cut, a.f. jones, aidan baker, andrea marutti, arash akbari, artificial memory trace, bardoseneticcube, ben fleury-steiner, christopher mcfall, cinema perdu, compest, cristián alvear & d'incise, daniel menche, david escallón, désaccord majeur, edward ruchalski, ellende, EMERGE feat. eric zwang-eriksson, emmanuel mieville, enrico coniglio, exportion, fabio orsi, flavien gillié, goose, hirotaka shirotsubaki, hum, i: wound, ieva aka samuel andré, ingeos/toy.bizarre, internal fusion, james p. keeler, jérémie mathes, john grzinich, jon unger, lee enfield, mathias delplanque, maurizio bianchi, michiru aoyama, modelbau, moljebka pvlse, netherworld, nigel samways, nimh (giuseppe verticchio), philippe lamy, pholde, pollypraha, rhucle, ryosuke miyata, saito koji, seki takashi, shinobu nemoto, simon whetham, strom noir, tainnos, tarkatak + a thousand vows, terje paulsen, tone color, tzesne, vance orchestra




vance orchestra "organizing the evidence" [alm 129] // quest "(a) quarter" [alm 130] // andrea marutti "sleepless nights | lysergic mornings" [alm 131]




jon unger "memory indicator" [alm 126] // flavien gillié "rituels domestiques" [alm 127] // a.f. jones "for eschrichtiidae (omniana)" [alm 128]




various artists "homework - year 3" [almp3.8]




cinema perdu "2 compositions with found sounds" [alm 123] // tainnos "kierto" [alm 124] // emmanuel mieville "jin gang jing (le sutra du diamant)" [alm 125]




after a few months delay, here are 3 brand-new releases for you to enjoy, showing once again the diversity of the ambient genre... please discover:
alm 120 - exportion "phantom line"
alm 121 - escallón + isaza "nubes"
alm 122 - arash akbari "perpetual"

they are as usual available as a limited edition (32 copies) mini-digipak 3"cd-r, non-limited mini-jewelcase 3"cd-r and digital release.

as usual too, the three mini-digipaks are available as a bundle for a special price (22 euros worldwide postage included) for a limited time (until 22 june 2018 included).

and in case you've missed it (it was not announced here), the second volume of our annual pay-what-you-like digital compilation is still available from our bandcamp page. "homework - year 2" gathers 67 previously unreleased tracks by taâlem artists. download it here!


out for a couple of days: "nankyobox" limited edition boxset. you'll get the three latest november releases in their mini-digipak editions (non-limited jewelcase editions are also available separately) plus two exclusive bonus discs featuring previsouly unreleased solo and collaboration tracks:
alm 116 - michiru aoyama - wetlands
alm 117 - hirotaka shirotsubaki + sleepland - étude 3
alm 118 - seki takashi - smog moon
alm 119 - rhucle - beautiful fragments

"nankyobox" is available for a special price until 1 december 2017: 35 euros worldwide postage included. grab your copy now!


a bit later than what we had planned, here are the three latest physical/digital releases. please welcome:
internal fusion, cendre ogata, bartosz dziadosz & tomasz mrenca.

these beauties are available right now in the mini-digipak limited edition (32 numbered copies), jewelcase non-limited edition and as digital files.
please go our bandcamp page to get full details, listen to the music and order the releases!

the three mini-digipaks are available as a bundle for a limited time and for a special price. place your order before september 8th (included).


after a nearly 2-year hiatus (apart from digital releases), we're finally back with three lovely physical/digital releases:
pietro riparbelli & emanuele becheri, cheerleader 69 & .cut and orphax.

they are available in a newly designed 2-panel pro-printed mini-digipak (eternal thanks to daniel "unfathomless/mystery sea" crokaert) limited to 32 numbered copies, in the usual mini-jewelcase as a non-limited edition and as digital files. our webshop is now on bandcamp so please go over there to get more details about those little beauties, listen to them and order them!

you of course still have the possibility of ordering the three digipak editions together for a limited time and for a special price. place your order before february 17th (included).




the latest releases are ready! by order of appearance, please welcome:
BRUME "enola" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r almdig 107 / 3"cd-r alm 107 / digital flalm 107); three tracks of magnificence by christian renou, the french musique concrete master.
jeff stonehouse "ghosts" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r almdig 108 / 3"cd-r alm 108 / digital flalm 108); delicate and melancholic soundscapes by this uk artist previously known as listening mirror.
terje paulsen "from a nearby bay" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r almdig 109 / 3"cd-r alm 109 / digital flalm 109); powerful field recordings based composition full of beauty and mystery...

full streams (from bandcamp) and shorter extracts (from soundcloud) are also available.

these three releases are as usual available as limited edition (31 copies) 3"cd-r in 3-panel mini-digipak (6 euros + postage), non-limited 3"cd-r in slim mini-jewelcase (5 euros + postage) and digital files from our bandcamp page (3.50 euros).

it is possible for a limited time to order the three digipaks for 20 euros (worldwide postage included) until march 22th (included) and discs will be shipped on march 23rd. please go the ordering page.




available right now is our new annual pay-what-you-want digital compilation gathering previously unreleased tracks by all the artists who had a taâlem release out in 2014.
please go to the
bandcamp page to stream/download it.


past news from 2001-2014 are here