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alm 105
james wyness
"objects wrapped in objects wrapped in objects"

23 november 2014

metal wood burning stoves, open domestic fires, domestic ustencils, tin foil, transducers, contact microphones

photography: delphine ancelle-b.


james wyness is a rare scottish sound artist with only a handful of releases on various labels like gruenrekorder, conv or mystery sea.
for "objects wrapped in objects wrapped in objects", james has gathered two delicate and precise compositions.
"the hearth" was composed in response to the theme of sound and rural architecture following a three week residency in northern portugal with "binuaral/nodar" in april 2012 as part of the "festival som e arquitetura rural". the piece investigates the sounds of open and closed hearths recorded in the san macario region of northern portugal. it reveals the dense dynamic textures and sonic morphologies of one of the fundamentals of architecture.
"foil" is an investigation of materiality and recursive procedures in which tin foil was set in a picture frame, played by hand and recorded using contact microphones. the recorded sounds were then played back through the foil using transducers, the foil was performed simultaneously and the results mixed live to tape.


tracklisting :
1. the hearth
2. foil

(also available as a limited edition 3-panel digipak)


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