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alm 106
tomonari nozaki
"the fall of icarus"

23 november 2014


cover: detail from a painting by curtis hall


curently residing in tokyo, japan, tomonari nozaki creates abstract yet melodic and melancholic soundscapes using destruction techniques discovered with reel-to-reel tape-llop splicings and other analogue experimentations.
at first these two tracks had different titles but after listening to them again, tomonari wanted to have the titles to remind of the story of icarus. in his mind the first track is the image of icarus flying towards the sky and falling into the sea while the second track is icarus falling from the sky then flying towards the sky after his death. this is not the original icarus myth though, just images tomonari had!


tracklisting :
1. falling into the sea
2. falling into the sky

(also available as a limited edition 3-panel digipak)


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