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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 11
"flug 4-5-6"
7 april 2003

track 1. live 11.12.98 leipzig/d
track 2. sound + visual installation 16.12.00 gent/b
track 3. live 09.01.99 mainz/d

original artwork : raumerkundung
new artwork (december 2005) : cyril herry


raumerkundung is lutz "tarkatak" pruditsch (guitar, sampler, tapes, contact microphones) and robert steinberger (guitar, metal, radio, contact microphones). existing since 1990, the duo has only released one tape on the trümmer kassetten label and contributed to some compilation tapes. they have played live on many occasions with, amongst others, illusion of safety, stillupstyppa or kapotte muziek. this 3" is their first "digital" release.
"raumerkundung is an offshoot project of tarkatak ambient-droners concerned with trying to materialize the radiance of a specific space or location, offering an aural environmental reading of it... they are essentially a live exploring unit using two guitars and various effect devices, applying the spirit of art-installations... and as such, their recordings remain sparse till now... the three pieces of the this 3" start with a short soft fluid quasi dub phase that quickly gets disembodied to become a patch of fragile emanations, wall breathings, and air susurrations... like a cloud of glimmering particles... of a very volatile nature, the sounds expand and seem to reveal more along their inherent decaying process... filigree echoes, underlying organic interferences and undercurrents blend symbiotically leading us in a perceptual exchange with the outside, while we step in..." (chalkdc/mystery sea)

1. flug 4 (6.47)
2. flug 5 (7.30)
3. flug 6 (6.27)