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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 12
yannick dauby
"chant de dune"
7 april 2003

track 1. was composed between april and june 1999 and track 3. on the 15th of march 2003 by yannick dauby.

original artwork : yannick dauby (photo) / taâlem
new artwork : cyril herry


yannick dauby is a french composer, known for his collaborations with alio die ("descendre cinq voiles à l'ombre d'une voile" cdsingle on amplexus), mnortham (the "entrelacs" project) or thomas köner (the recent "zyklop" 2cd set on mille plateaux). this 3" is a re-release of a piece yannick dauby self-released in 1999, now accompanied by a new piece. deep concrete ambient music...
"sounding sands are found in many places in the whole world. this rare natural phenomenon, is represented most of the time by beaches, whose sand is squeaking when it is struck or pushed. however, in some deserts, we meet some large dunes which have a more astonishing activity. sand avalanches, mostly provocated by the wind, create very deep sounds, extremely powerful, accompanied by tremors and lasting for several minutes. unexplained, these singings from the desert are despicted like roarings, voices from surnatural beings or the rumbling of the thunder." (yannick dauby)

1. chant de dune
2. (30 secondes de silence)
3. mlil (part 1)