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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 15
aidan baker
"the taste of summer on your skin"
15 march 2004

composed, performed & recorded by aidan baker (electric/acoustic/bass guitars & violin)
(c) 2002 ah syd music / socan

original artwork : cyril herry
new artwork (december 2005) : malika uhlen (photo) / cyril herry


I'm not sure Aidan Baker really needs an introduction. Also a member or the tribal-ambient trio Arc (remember "13th" we released some months ago), he has built an impressive discography in a few months, releasing his beautiful drone/ambient guitar-ish music on every interesting label (Mystery Sea, DTA, S'Agita or The Locus OF Assemblage to name but a few). Of course we couldn't not be part of (smile !). So here is "the taste of summer on your skin", "a melodic, shimmering multi-instrumental drone track" as Aidan describes it himself.

"Aidan's approach of instruments is that of an emotional paintbrush, breathing the air all around, soaking into its scents, the subtle tonal vibrations & colours to reach a sort of pure unreducible moment of communion...
Here, between layers of filamentous clouds,
sleeps a flowing light,
drawing delicate patterns & lasting traces...
Resonances come loose
in a slow imperturbable graceful carousel,
a vertigo of lost feelings...
As an handful of sand running out into the breeze,
the motion is melancholic,
the mood warm & contemplative...
Hear your skin oozing with deep summer tales..." (Chalkdc/Mystery Sea)

1. part one
2. part two
3. part three