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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 21
"pôle nord"
7 january 2005

composed, recorded & mixed by akifumi nakajima at studio MECCA kyoto japan using only feedbacks.

original artwork : akifumi nakajima
new artwork (december 2005) : cyril herry


Does Aube really need an introduction ? After more than 160 releases (!) in fourteen years, I guess he doesn't.
For this 3"cd-r, Akifumi Nakajima has, as usual, used a single source to create his music ; this time feedback. You could then imagine the tracks to be noisy as hell. Thankfully they're not. Aube knows perfectly how to mix noise and ambient music. So the result is noisy, yes, but listenable ; ambient, too, but not boring.
A great work, as usual should I say.


tracklisting :
1. préparatifs
2. cheminement
3. découverte
4. rencontre

no FLAC version yet, sorry!