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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 24
"infidel part 2"
19 april 2005

original artwork : malika uhlen
new artwork (december 2005) : malika uhlen (photo) / cyril herry


Sometimes, you don't know why, you're not immediately catched by the music you listen to. That's what happened to me when I received Nullkommajosefh's submission for the ta‚lem series more than one year ago. So the master stayed on my shelves. Then, three months ago, I gave it a new try. And i got hooked. Immediately. Strange isn't it ?
After the first part on Tosom, here's "infidel part 2", two beautiful tracks by this german newcomer on the dark ambient scene. Nullkommajosefh creates long haunting pieces, full of details in the background you'll discover listenings after listenings.


tracklisting :
1. panacea
2. peninsula