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alm 31
"kdi dctb 122 [f]"
28 april 2006

[10 landscapes in 1] - st sÚtiers (19), france, 2001

photography : cÚdric peyronnet / toy.bizarre
artwork : cyril herry


"kdi dctb 122 [f]" is an alternate mix from "kdi dctb 122". another mix titled "kdi dctb 122 [a]" was previously released as an ultra-limited mini-cd (10 copies) distributed at the preview of an exhibition in 2001 when cÚdric peyronnet was invited by contemporary artist jean-paul ruiz in st sÚtiers (france).
"kdi dctb 122 [f]" was done in november 2005 by cÚdric peyronnet. This stereo-reduction was especially made for headphone listenings.

"kdi dctb 122" was a sound work of interpreted cartography whose theme was, on one hand, the sound environment in an area of 750m around the village of La Pommerie (in the town of St SÚtiers), and on second hand, the sound events related to the birth of the morning dew in the same area.

The 10-channels audio system restores 10 places from the area ; it can be considered as a partial restitution [a cartography sound work] of La Pommerie in july 2001 without pretending being the truth.

But "kdi dctb 122" is also and above all a musical piece made of 10 elements that can be heard alone or all together, the exhibition place becoming the listening place. Here, space occupation and spacialization were major concerns during the installation of the work.

Work was made of many recordings in/on 10 "micro-places" of the area ; every element was recorded. These field recordings were later sculpted with hard & and software.

The final composition was only made with those elements ; so it can be considered as "the music of the place", a microscopic exploration of space...


tracklisting :
1. kdi dctb 122 [f]

no FLAC version yet, sorry!