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alm 37
2kilos &More
17 october 2006

artwork by cyril herry based on a photography by malika uhlen and a drawing by sandra thomä

created & mixed by 2kilos &More (electronics, field recordings, guitar, melodica)
mastered by norscq
thanks to [JMB], delphine, norscq, sandra


2kilos &More is a french duo who mixes electronics and real instruments (guitar, melodica) creating evolutive & complex tracks full of detailed sounds.
after many live gigs (with Rapoon, Hybryds and Bad Sector at the third Thérapie Auditive festival in Paris in May 2006 and opening for bands like Colder or Trisomie 21 earlier), this 3", carefully mastered by Norscq (The Grief, The Atlas Project, Von Magnet) is their very first disc, a foretaste to their forthcoming album...


tracklisting :
1. 9,21-1
2. 9,21-2