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alm 39
christian renou
"gone with the wound"
31 january 2007

artwork by cyril herry

all sounds, c. renou. composed/recorded/mixed at brume rec. oct. 2005


it's a great pleasure for us to welcome Christian Renou in the ta‚lem series. active for more than 20 years, first under the Brume alias, he has released many discs (and countless tapes in the old days) on many international labels like Staalplaat, Release, Ground Fault, Drone Records, Old Europa Cafe and more recently Fario or Waystyx.
this in two parts is a highly evocative journey with constantly evolutive sounds between experimental, ambient and drone... processed recordings from various different sources for a captivating & fascinating result.


tracklisting :
1. part 1
2. part 2