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alm 41
telepherique vs. s∑core
10 july 2007

artwork by delphine ancelle-b.

track 1 recorded november 2006 (s∑core "tarnish" 7inch remixed to one track by telepherique)
track 2 recorded 31.12.06 and 01.01.07


while preparing the "result of a mail-art 1992" re-release, we've had this idea: why not asking telepherique to rework/remix some s∑core tracks 15 years later? it should be interesting to confront material from the past with technique from today. unfortunately, as japanese artist s∑core has gone missing for a few years now (if anybody knows how to get in touch with him, please tell us!), we had to choose a previously released disc. "tarnish" 7inch was an obvious selection as it was issued on telepherique's label (drahtfunk-products) in 1995 and moreover as it's a perfect example of s∑core talent to create unique atmospheres. the result is indeed unique: raw & crude sounds from japan remixed/reworked/refined by the german artist.
to complete the release, telepherique created a very special track they define themselves as "a musical acoustic history about my project-name telepherique". it's a beautiful opposition to the previous track, gentle, soft & very atmospheric.

the 3" is also available in the "results of past & present mail-arts 1992-2007" release. see here for more details.


tracklisting :
1. telepherique vs. s∑core "haze"
2. telepherique "telepherique-score"