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alm 44
10 july 2007

artwork by hitoshi kojo


spiracle is hitoshi kojo, a japanese artist based in switzerland since 2004. during the last three years, he has collaborated with many aritsts, from michael northam (as Kodama) to jgrzinich, maurizio bianchi, yannick dauby or jonathan coleclough to name a few, spiracle is his alias for his drone pieces. so "lumen" is an impressive harmonic piece based on sound sources recorded in japan in 2004, composed/refined from 2004 to 2006 and finally mastered in 2007. here's what hitoshi says about "lumen": "around 19 minutes of harmonic drone piece, like warm mercurial metalic texture slowly flow through capillary vessels. this piece is meant to be listened just before dawn, after a long night". feel the drone...


tracklisting :
1. lumen