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new design (december 2005)

original design

alm 5
désaccord majeur
"la neuvième heure"
17 june 2002

original artwork : désaccord majeur (photo) / taâlem
new artwork (december 2005) : malika uhlen (photo) / cyril herry


Just like his collegue and friend from Internal Fusion (whose we've recently released a 3"), Désaccord Majeur is another rare and discreet french band. His discography is also quite breif when you know D.M. has been active for 15 years ! Two CDs ("thétys" on PlayLoud and "samana" on Staalplaat), the Tlön Uqbar (D.M. + Internal Fusion) CD on Staalplaat, three tapes (two self-released and one on our own Harmonie) and a bunch of compilations including the famous "ophir" self-released by Désaccord Majeur years ago where he invited Tuu, Muslimgauze or Hybryds.
Just like Internal Fusion, Désaccord Majeur creates long haunting ambient tracks with of course an ethnic and ritual touch... Less dark maybe, his music sometimes includes some more electronic sounds that could remind some em:t releases (Woob especially). Pure clear ritual ethno-ambient music.

1. le chaos nourri par l'échelle (9.54)
2. l'espace poisson et l'espace océan (11.32)