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alm 60
nature of dislocation

31 october 2009

photography & artwork: delphine ancelle-b.


NATURE OF DISLOCATION is a japanese collective gathering various multimedia artists (video, music, photo, performance). music is created by HIROKI SASAJIMA (who's already put out some solo netreleases) and TAKAHISA HIRAO. the sound of NATURE OF DISLOCATION is simple and pure ambient...


tracklisting :
1. atmospheric current
2. daylight
3. lagoon



reviews :

Vital Weekly
Four new releases in the ever expanding horizon of Taalem, and curious enough all four are by Japanese musicians. [...]
Three pieces can also be found on 'Elements' by Nature Of Dislocation. This is a collective of artists who work in multimedia. The music side is created by Hiroki Sasajima and Takahisa Hirao. Their three pieces are all the closest these four get to 'regular' ambient music. Long waving, sustained sounds generated through digital versions of analogue synthesizers. Hardly a big surprise this release, but it works well. Deeply atmospheric and organic music. No surprise, executed with great care. (FdW)

Reading the Taalem press notes, Nature of Dislocation is a Japanese multimedia collective, who create things from video to music. This sound work is created by Hiroki Sasajima.
This release has three song to offer. ‘Atmospheric Current’ sounds very much like the title promises; an atmospheric happening of sounds. The sound seems to have processed choir like vocals to create an ominous, yet divine soundscape. ‘Daylight’ is a very serene soundscape, like waking up in a beautiful landscape. No sorrows, everything is possible. With ‘Lagoon’ we travel to the ultimate paradise on Earth. Far from our daily realities of working stress we come in contact with our pure selves again.
A really magnificent release! ‘Elements’ consist of three lush, nature oriented soundscapes that grab you by the heart. Too bad it’s over so quickly, but that’s the thing with the Taalem releases. Essential for Taalem collectors! (Fabian)

Temporary Fault
Can’t remember if I already reviewed the second-to-last batch that Jean-Marc - boss of this label devoted to contemporary ambient and relative derivates - had sent me earlier (hopefully yes and, in any case, thanks JM!). Yet I managed to listen to these four several times, in different conditions. Speakers are highly recommended for all these 3-inch CDs. [...]
A multimedia artistic collective, the music created by Hiroki Sasashima and Takahisa Hirao. The first segment is an ethereal electronic suspension resembling thousands of similar ones, and that for good measure reveals horrific presets (something that, as you know, is very much hated here). Things get better with the subsequent tracks, always static yet quite alluring in their combination of pulse and choral motionlessness. The finale is a bit on the “invocation to the setting sun” side, still nicely droning for our relaxing pleasure. The whole is rather easy on the ears, yet there’s at least a degree of dignity (but those synthetic voices…oh, boy). (Massimo Ricci)

Programme exclusivement japonais pour cette nouvelle livraison de CD-Rs trois pouces du label parisien Taâlem (disponibles également sous forme de fichiers FLAC), qui frappe une fois encore par sa cohérence éditoriale. Car les points communs ne sont pas que géographiques entre les quatre projets présentés ici, mais tissent au contraire une véritable petite toile enchevêtrée de références qui sous-tend l'ensemble de ces sorties. [...]
Autour de Takahisa Hirao et Hiroki Sasajima, Nature Of Dislocation est un collectif d'artistes multimédia englobant tout autant la musique que la vidéo, la photographie ou la performance. Pour leur première sortie discographique, ils nous offrent avec Eléments trois titres d'ambient dans la plus noble tradition du genre, assemblage subtil de nappes irisées et enveloppantes, véritable espace de méditation comme un cadeau supplémentaire. [...] (Jean-François Micard)

Chain D.L.K.
Debut CD 'Elements' by Japanese multimedia artists Nature of Dislocation is an intense, sonic journey. 'Atmospheric Current' brings you to the heavens for a look around. Droning tones growing and fading throughout seem to elevate you throughout. From the calm, serene beginnings to the rumble of dark clouds over the horizon and electricity in the air, Nature of Dislocation courses through you like a current, with an opposite, elating effect. Just as the darkness begins to roll in, 'Daylight' breaks, giving way to thick, lush layers of textures that build just a hint of tension, hold it, then slowly melt away into an uplifting soundscape just in time for the 'Lagoon' to open the senses. It's slightly darker mood is built around deeper drones creating a bed for more almost angelic textures the writhe upon. As the darkness gradually melts away, the angels are allowed to sing, but it seems a song with just a hint of sadness. An amazing release from this group of multimedia artists leaves only one thing to be desired, the visual aspect of their work. I'd love to see what kinds of imagery they put behind the music of 'Elements' to create a complete, aural experience. (Barton Graham)