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alm 67
james mcdougall
"between no ground and the bay leaf tree"

18 april 2010

photography & artwork: delphine ancelle-b.

recorded 2009, brisbane, australia
process bowed bass guitar and field recordings


after a bunch of releases under the entia non alias on respected labels like u-cover, dataobscura, test tube, resting bell or sentient recognition archive, australian sound artist james mcdougall has recently decided to use his real name for his musical output, maybe to denote a small departure from his first releases who were a bit more on the glitch side. more focused on field recordings, these two tracks are a perfect example of the captivating soundscapes mcdougall creates...


tracklisting :
1. while the world sleeps
2. drown



reviews :

Vital Weekly
These three new releases by Taalem are from the younger generation of drone artists. [...]
James McDougall used to work as Entia Non and had releases on U-Cover, Dataobscura, Test Tube, Resting Bell and Sentient Recognition Archive but since some time he works under his own name. Here he has two lengthy pieces made from 'process bowed bass guitar and field recordings'. He moves out of the more collage like works of field recordings into more stretched out fields of mood music. Highly drone based - say the territory formerly inhabited by Uhlig - where the bass provides the drones - en masse - and where the field recordings seems to be a bit buried beneath and below. Slight crackles of leaves, that kind of work. Quite pleasant stuff really, if nothing really new under this particular drone sun. Crafted with some intelligence and with great care, that's for sure. (FdW)