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alm 74
a wake a week
"through line"

9 june 2011

photography : delphine ancelle-b.


perhaps more known for his more rhythmic stuff under the DETRITUS alias, david dando-moore also creates beautiful soundscapes under the A WAKE A WEEK alias where he mixes low key noisy drones with piano melodies. "through line" gathers four rather short tracks with a strong sad and melancholic feel... this 3"cdr/FLAC is the follow-up to the excellent self-produced digital-only release "abandon" still available from dando-moore's bandcamp.


tracklisting :
1. indigo
2. with love
3. through line
4. forgetting


reviews :

Vital Weekly
David Dando-Moore is best known as Detritus, but apparently he also works as A Wake A Week, in which he produces music that is less rhythmic and more based on drones. Apparently, according the information, this music uses piano, but its not until the third (title-) piece that we hear this [nb: actually, there is piano on the first track]. The other pieces are much more drone like, of a relatively lo-fi nature, a bit more noise oriented than what is common in this field. Especially the first two tracks show this. The final track, 'Forgetting', is the best out of these four. Sustaining notes on, perhaps, the guitar, glide by in gentle way. Quite nice, these different approaches. [...] (FdW)