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alm 77
fabio orsi
"light was the day"

9 june 2011

recorded and mastered in berlin (march/april 2011)
fabio plays: field recordings, filters, guitar, effects
thanks to ariane, maila & nico, christian, giuseppe, jean-marc
photography : delphine ancelle-b.


active since 2005, italian musician (now based in berlin) FABIO ORSI has built an impressive discography with more than thirty releases on various labels like a silent place, ryonkt's slow flow records, digitalis or foxglove. known for his elegant and melodic drones based upon field recordings and guitar, "light was the day" is a perfect example of his skills!


tracklisting :
1. light was the day


reviews :

Vital Weekly
[...] Fabio Orsi is not unknown in the world of Vital Weekly. He recently moved to Berlin, where he still plays the guitar, effects and spices them with field recordings and filters. His 'Light Was The Day' falls apart in two sections. The first is for sustaining guitar sounds, woven together by a strings of effects, while in the second part instruments are slowly pushed away in the echo chamber, and field recordings take over towards the end of the piece. Quite a strong piece, which shows the power of the music of Orsi. Excellently done, but with a note that as such there is not much news happening. (FdW)

Norman Records
Woo. New Fabio Orsi. Nice! That triple CD set that came out a while back is still being played at home. I do like a bit of the Orsi. Here's a brand new 3" CD on Taalem. These things are limited and very tiny... They all come in cutesy little cases with stickers on and they have a habit of making me feel like I'm a lot bigger than I really am. Here Fabio treads familiar territory with his trademark warm drones coating my ears in fluffy loveliness. There's tons of folks doing this now but Fabio is head and shoulders above the majority of it just due to the sounds and warmth he creates. He's an ambient drone master and anyone into this kind of music really needs to check his work out as he does it super well. (Phil)