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alm 89
yann novak

29 august 2012

thank you: jean-marc boucher, robert crouch, yukitomo hamasaki and everyone at gift_lab
published by generosity & constraint (ascap)
cover image: still from "hollow.river (vertical)"


apart from several releases on his own (but now on hiatus) dragon's eye recordings label, us multimedia artist yann novak had a cd release on richard chartier's imprint line, and earlier this year another one on the ever excellent hibernate label.
for this release, novak proposes us a minimal yet dense 20min track where you'll hear lots of details in the background. immersive drone...

"hollow.river" is formed from a collection of field recordings and photographs taken during the thaw of the piney creek near banner, wy.  through the use of digital filtering and processing, these documents of the creek thawing are transposed to create a hybrid state between its covered and uncovered states. this hybrid explores a new state outside the natural thawing process.
"hollow.river" is presented here in stereo with some compositional elements added to make it more suitable for home listening.


tracklisting :
1. hollow.river



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