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alm 90
"rh mn rir nhyh "une me sans fin""

29 august 2012

hokuro is michael northam, sachiyo honda & sabri meddeb
thanks to our friends our supported us
phtography: delphine ancelle-b.


hokuro is michael northam (who should need on introdution, see the page for the solo 3" we released a few years back), sachiyo honda (japanese performer based in brussels) and sabri meddeb (belgian sound artist). hokuro's recording sessions took place in brussels, belgium, in 2007-2008 using accordion, objects, strings, winds, voices and electronics. meddeb took the time to archive and mix these recordings in 2010 and here we are with this 24min track, a rich and complex soundscapes full of sounds and effects...


tracklisting :
1. rh mn rir nhyh "une me sans fin"



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