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alm 95
babylone chaos
"noises from the attic"

4 december 2013

music by julien cornu-kuoch, 2012
photography: delphine ancelle-b.


seven years ago, we released a "réactions mécaniques", a 3" by botchan korisen, one of the many aliases julien cornu-kuoch uses (used?). over the years, his main project babylone chaos evolved from more electronic sounds and rhythms to more complex structures and organic sounds.

babylone chaos recently released a collaborative disc with contagious orgasm ("altered beasts" on steelkraft manufactory) and it seems like babylone chaos could be now compared to the japanese artist.
"noises from the attic" is an oppressive 17 minute track, a frightening and dense mass of sounds.


tracklisting :
1. noises from the attic


(also available as a limited edition 3-panel digipak)


reviews :

Vital Weekly 912
As per usual, new releases by Taalem are on 3" CDR and are released in groups of three. [...]
Also Babylone Chaos is a new name, but behind it is Julien Cornu-Kuoch, of whom Taalem released a couple of years ago 'Reactions Mecaniques' under the name Botchan Karisen - which is something I can't find no evidence off in back-issues - but now sees a change of modus operandi. The sampler seems is dusted and microphones stuck in the attic, basement or outside and sampled together into a dense piece of sample mania. Cornu-Kuoch is working these days with Japanese artists Contagious Orgasm, which is something that also shows in his solo music. There is an ambient quality about this too, but it's very much unlike say Tone Color. Where's Tone Color is light, airy, and up in the sky, Babylone Chaos is dark, brooding and mysterious. More the soundtrack of a fine horror movie about zombies and life after a nuclear holocaust, ending with a fine industrial grinding of said (sad?) zombies. Very dark and very moody indeed. Quite unlike for Taalem, I was thinking.[...] (FdW)

A Closer Listen
Taâlem’s latest batch of CD3"s arrived at the end of the year, but all are suitable for winter.  Tone Color‘s entry is cool and sleepy like a long hibernation; Øe (Fabio Perletta) and Enrico Coniglio’s is cold and dry like Antarctic wind; and Babylone Chaos’ is as disturbing as a stir crazy Jack Torrance.  They are available together or apart; the first editions are in digipacks, later editions in jewel cases.[...]
Noises from the Attic is the strangest of the trio, a series of hallucinations that serves as the polar opposite of Today Will Die Tomorrow while implying that very thing: the coldness of death, lurking somewhere near.  What is that noise in the attic?  We already know that someone is going to ascend the creaky stairs while carrying a malfunctioning flashlight.  The last beam will shine on something sinister, and then, darkness.  Packed with rustles and rattles, creaks and chains, darkness and drones, this is easily one of the most frightening releases in recent memory.  And yet it’s so well done – all suggestion, no screams – that one can’t help but want to play it again.  And again.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  (Richard Allen)