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out for a couple of days: "nankyobox" limited edition boxset. you'll get the three latest november releases in their mini-digipak editions (non-limited jewelcase editions are also available separately) plus two exclusive bonus discs featuring previsouly unreleased solo and collaboration tracks:
alm 116 - michiru aoyama - wetlands
alm 117 - hirotaka shirotsubaki + sleepland - étude 3
alm 118 - seki takashi - smog moon
alm 119 - rhucle - beautiful fragments

"nankyobox" is available for a special price until 1 december 2017: 35 euros worldwide postage included. grab your copy now!


a bit later than what we had planned, here are the three latest physical/digital releases. please welcome:
internal fusion, cendre ogata, bartosz dziadosz & tomasz mrenca.

these beauties are available right now in the mini-digipak limited edition (32 numbered copies), jewelcase non-limited edition and as digital files.
please go our bandcamp page to get full details, listen to the music and order the releases!

the three mini-digipaks are available as a bundle for a limited time and for a special price. place your order before september 8th (included).


after a nearly 2-year hiatus (apart from digital releases), we're finally back with three lovely physical/digital releases:
pietro riparbelli & emanuele becheri, cheerleader 69 & .cut and orphax.

they are available in a newly designed 2-panel pro-printed mini-digipak (eternal thanks to daniel "unfathomless/mystery sea" crokaert) limited to 32 numbered copies, in the usual mini-jewelcase as a non-limited edition and as digital files. our webshop is now on bandcamp so please go over there to get more details about those little beauties, listen to them and order them!

you of course still have the possibility of ordering the three digipak editions together for a limited time and for a special price. place your order before february 17th (included).




the latest releases are ready! by order of appearance, please welcome:
BRUME "enola" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r almdig 107 / 3"cd-r alm 107 / digital flalm 107); three tracks of magnificence by christian renou, the french musique concrete master.
jeff stonehouse "ghosts" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r almdig 108 / 3"cd-r alm 108 / digital flalm 108); delicate and melancholic soundscapes by this uk artist previously known as listening mirror.
terje paulsen "from a nearby bay" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r almdig 109 / 3"cd-r alm 109 / digital flalm 109); powerful field recordings based composition full of beauty and mystery...

full streams (from bandcamp) and shorter extracts (from soundcloud) are also available.

these three releases are as usual available as limited edition (31 copies) 3"cd-r in 3-panel mini-digipak (6 euros + postage), non-limited 3"cd-r in slim mini-jewelcase (5 euros + postage) and digital files from our bandcamp page (3.50 euros).

it is possible for a limited time to order the three digipaks for 20 euros (worldwide postage included) until march 22th (included) and discs will be shipped on march 23rd. please go the ordering page.




available right now is our new annual pay-what-you-want digital compilation gathering previously unreleased tracks by all the artists who had a taâlem release out in 2014.
please go to the
bandcamp page to stream/download it.

as usual, after some some weeks of delay, here are the three latest taâlem releases. please enjoy:
pleq + philippe lamy "gravitation" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/digital, almdig 104/alm 104/flalm 104); these two well-known musicians are back together to taâlem with a rather unexpected track full of beautiful textures with a rather raw and industrial feeling...
james wyness "objects wrapped in objects wrapped in objects" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/digital, almdig 105/alm 105/flalm 105); behind this enigmatic title we can find two delicate and precise compositions by this rare scottish artist (only a handful of releases on conv, mystery sea or gruenrekorder) with, as the title suggests it, many objects invloved (tin foil, burning stove, electronic devices...).
tomonari nozaki "the fall of icarus" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/digital, almdig 106/alm 106/flalm 106); beautiful melancholic and melodic soundscapes by this japanese relative newcomer.

these three releases are as usual available as limited edition (26 copies, except almdig 104 [27 copies]) 3"cd-r in 3-panel mini-digipak (6 euros + postage), non-limited 3"cd-r in slim mini-jewelcase (5 euros + postage) and digital files from our bandcamp page (3.50 euros).

as earlier announced, because of the insane high prices of the belgian post service, we are no longer able to offer the three digipaks as a pack for a reduced price forever.
BUT it will be possible for a (very) limited time. so place your order now (as usual 20 euros worldwide postage included for the three digipaks) until november 28th (included) and discs will be shipped on november 29th.
please go the ordering page

mail-order is re-opened!
but, as previously announced, postage rates have dramatically increased (and are far more complicated than before), thanks to the insane belgian post...
another sad consequence of these much higher postage rates is that we are no longer able to offer the three-digipaks pack for 20 euros postpaid.
BUT this offer will be available again for a limited time when new releases are out.
please check
the ordering page.

as previously announced, mail-order department is now closed (well, the physical one obviously. digital one is still up and running). we hope to be able to re-open in mid-september, at best!

after some weeks of unexpected delay, you can now enjoy the three latest taâlem releases! they are:
the imaginary soundscapes "field factory" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/digital, almdig 101/alm 101/flalm 101); frédéric nogray and stéphane rives collaborating for a fascinating track between drone and post-industrial.
ryosuke miyata "in a drainage outlet" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/digital, almdig 102/alm 102/flalm 102); first release under his real name after a handful of netreleases as miche for this japanese artist with four sweet and delicate drones.
kissy suzuki "exploring the seas of consciousness" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/digital, almdig 103/alm 103/flalm 103); first physical release for this drone side-project of french artist linear bells.

these three releases are as usual available as limited edition (26 copies) 3"cd-r in 3-panel mini-digipak (6 euros + postage), non-limited 3"cd-r in slim mini-jewelcase (5 euros + postage) and digital files from our bandcamp page (3.50 euros).
the three digipaks are, as usual too, available as a pack (20 euros worldwide postage included).
please go the ordering page.

important notice:
i'll be soon moving to brussels, belgium. i'm afraid belgian postal rates are much higher than french ones. if you want to place an order (especially a large one), do it now before i leave france...
mail-order will be probably closed from august 4th to at least september 15th.

please welcome the three latest taâlem releases:
summons of shining ruins "masami ssi, dangsin ui him e su eobs-eoseo mian haeyo. naneun dangsin eul ij-ji anhseubnida. gamsahabnida." (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/FLAC, almdig 97/alm 97/flalm 97); beautiful and nostalgic guitar track by this japanese project.
yannick franck "the utmost night" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/FLAC, almdig 98/alm 98/flalm 98); evolutive and trance inducing drone by this well-known belgian artist.
frédéric nogray "wuritagu" (ltd edition digipak 3"cd-r/3"cd-r/FLAC, almdig 99/alm 99/flalm 99); rich and powerful composition based on field recordings from honduras.

these three releases are as usual available as limited edition (28 copies) 3"cd-r in 3-panel mini-digipak (6 euros + postage), non-limited 3"cd-r in slim mini-jewelcase (5 euros + postage) and digital FLAC files (3.50 euros).
the three digipaks are, as usual too, available as a pack (20 euros worldwide postage included).
please go the ordering page.

free music for everyone! we've just released a pay-what-you-want digital compilation on bandcamp.
"sans titre, 2013" gathers unreleased tracks by the six artists who had a 3" on taâlem last year. they are: philippe lamy, jérémie mathes, jannick schou, enrico coniglio, babylone chaos and tone color. the beautiful photo was taken by jérémie mathes and the mastering was done by julien cornu-kuoch (aka babylone chaos). available here:
we've also added some reviews we got for the three latest releases and an interview øe and enrico coniglio gave to fluid radio concerning their collaborative 3". check the individual releases pages!

as usual, the latest releases are a bit late... they are finally ready! please welcome:
øe + enrico coniglio "inner frost" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 94); a glacial ambient collaboration from these two italian masters.
babylone chaos "noises from the attic" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 95); oppressive dark ambient, your attic will never be the same!
tone color "today will die tomorrow" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 96); a collection of sweet and delicate ambient pieces by this uk-based artist...

these three releases are of course available as limited edition 3"cd-r in a 3-panel mini-digipak (26 copies), non-limited 3"cd-r in the traditional mini-jewelcase and digital FLAC files.

the digipaks sold out fast last time so we've prepared some more copies. act fast to get them though!
prices have not changed: 6 euros each + postage for the digipak edition (or 20 euros including worldwide postage for the complete pack of three releases), 5 euros each + postage each for the jewelcase edition and 3.50 euros for the FLAC releases.

thank you to all the people of ordered the limited edition digipaks, we're out of the jannick schou release! we have 2 copies left of the philippe lamy and the jérémie mathes releases. act fact if you want one!
normal editions are still available of course.

after a nearly 9 months pause, taâlem is finally back in action with three new releases (and someting new):
philippe lamy "entre deux" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 91); subtle and delicate field recordings based compositions for this rising french artist.
jérémie mathes "oiarzun" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 92); delicate and subtle field recordings based compositions for this other rising french artist :-)
jannick schou "eldey" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 93); entrancing drone with an analog feeling from the danish master.
as usual, these three releases are available as physical 3"cd-r's (5 euros each + postage) and digital FLAC files (3.50 euros each).

but we how have something new. these new releases are also available in a new presentation: a 3-panel white mini digipak, with a pro-printed photo sticker on the front, an informative sticker inside and the fully printed disc.

these editions are limited to 21 copies each, exclusively available from us. price is fixed to 6 euros each + postage or 20 euros (including worldwide postage) for the complete pack of three releases (the complete pack is not available anymore!).

just in time, here are the three latest releases, as usual available right now as physical 3"cd-r's (5 euros each + postage) and digital FLAC files (3.50 euros each):
(ad)VANCE(d) "unseen intelligence" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 88); multi-layered sound travelogue by mars f. wellink, once half of vance orchestra.
yann novak "hollow.river" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 89); minimal yet dense dronescape by this talented american multimedia artist.
hokuro "rôh mén rir néhââyâh "une âme sans fin"" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 90); wonderful soundscape full of processed found sounds by a trio featuring michael northam, sachiyo honda and sabri meddeb.

we also have an ongoing 50% sale on all available Kokeshidisk releases. please check the dedicated bandcamp page where you can stream them all and place your order!

we've just finally added a little player featuring samples from each and every taâlem release so far. check the
releases page.

after some unexpected delays, the latest taâlem releases are finally available!!! diversity is once again present. please welcome:
IA "peak of anchorite" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 85); a (almost) total newcomer who could remind you the best rapoon tracks...
pleq + hiroki sasajima "witch-hunt" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 86); wonderful collaborative track between the polish busy bee and the japanese field recordist: expect drones, field recordings and a few glitches.
artificial memory trace "chitin" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 87); brilliant electroacoustic track by the czech master slavek kwi based upon insect recordings.
these three releases are right now available as 3"cd-r and FLAC files. check each release page for more details.

one (bad) news though: 3"cd-r are now 5 euros each. retail price hadn't been changed since april 2004 so we hope you'll be comprehensive!

a bit later than planned, here are finally the latest taâlem releases:
murmer "specular reflection (liquid solid redux 2000-2010) (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 82); a recreation of an exquisite old drone track.
david velez "alku" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 83); a soundtrack to an exhibition, mixing field recordings and more musical elements (drones, sines).
strom noir "famadihana" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 84); quite minimal guitar drones from slovakia!
as usual, these three releases are right now available as 3"cd-r and FLAC files. check the
releases page for full details.

mp3 samples on each release page should be back soon (most of them are offline right now, i just need some time to reupload everything to bandcamp!).

many thanks to everyone who's ordered it, "jizokuonbox (kyoto)" is now sold out!!!
individual discs are of couse still available.

available for a few days, here are once again four new releases and a special fifth one!
nobuto suda "twilight garden" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 78); exquisite melodic ambient.
hitoshires "stella" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 79); debut release from a newcomer in the ambient/drone genre.
hakobune "believed remains" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 80); great drone track by this well-known musician.
ieva "la cascade de la montagne de l'aube [ ??? ??]" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 81); beautiful ambient mixed with field recordings.
these four releases are available right now as 3"cd-r and FLAC. check the
releases page for full details.

fifth new release is the long-awaited "jizokuonbox (kyoto)" (almbox 2). limited to just 33 copies, it gathers the four discs mentioned above plus TWO exclusive bonus discs: an unreleased 20min collaborative track by hakobune, ieva and nobuto suda on the first one, four unreleased solo tracks by each artist on the second one.
act fast if you want to grab a copy!

a new playlist, the 22nd one, is available for a few weeks. once again dedicated to an exquisite uk (net)label: RURAL COLOURS. check the part 1 at
taâlem radio.
on a side note, taâlem headquarters are closed till august 10th. please be patient if you place a physical order! (digital orders are fully automated).

some reviews of the latest releases have just been added, courtesy of vital weekly and uk distributor norman records. see the individual release pages to read the reviews.

june releases are right on time. and they are four, even five! on taâlem we have:
a wake a week "through line" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 74); desolated soundscapes and nostalgic piano melodies from dave dando-moore (detritus).
david tagg "return of the light" (3"cd-r, alm 75); immersing drones simply made from guitar and effects.
simon whetham "velvet" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 76); delicate and subtle processed field recordings.
fabio orsi "light was the day" (3"cd-r/FLAC, alm 77); emotional drones and field recordings.
please check the
releases page for full details (artwork, press-release, mp3 samples).

the fifth new release will be on the finally re-activated Kokeshidisk sublabel. it will be ready in a few days (a small problem with the cover printing...)
saito koji "early works" (cd-r, kodi 13); compiled by saito koji himself from three long sold-out releases.
please check the
Kokeshidisk website for full details (artwork, press-release, mp3 samples).

textura has just published reviews of the three latest releases. please check the individual release pages to read them: bad sector "raw data", d'incise "arpenter" and final cut "ballade de bruits".

after an almost one-year break,
taâlem radio is back! enjoy the 21st playlist featuring extracts from the excellent Audio Gourmet Netlabel.

vital weekly has just reviewed the latest releases. please see the
bad sector "raw data", d'incise "arpenter" and final cut "ballade de bruits" pages to read the reviews.

latest releases are finally ready! as promised, they are:
bad sector "raw data" (3"cd-r/FLAC on taâlem, alm 71); conceptual release featuring 11 cold & noisy short tracks from the italian master.
d'incise "arpenter" (3"cd-r/FLAC on taâlem, alm 72); field recordings and drones from this swiss artist.
final cut "ballade de bruits" (3"cd-r/FLAC on taâlem, alm 73); captivating processed field recordings from belgium.
please check the
releases page for full details (artwork, press-release, mp3 sample).

next releases will soon be ready; they will be BAD SECTOR, D'INCISE and FINAL CUT.
meanwhile, good news for the digital freaks: most of the taâlem back catalogue is now available as FLAC files. see the new
digital ordering page.

and again some more reviews, courtesy of the french magazine
obsküre (so yes, they are in french language!). please see encomiast "malpais' (alm 68), ragle gumm "2nd" (alm 69) and mark bradley "the gloaming" (alm 70).

more reviews, courtesy of
textura. again, see encomiast "malpais' (alm 68), ragle gumm "2nd" (alm 69) and mark bradley "the gloaming" (alm 70).

first batch of reviews of the latest releases, courtesy of vital weekly and norman records, has just been added to each release page. see
encomiast "malpais' (alm 68), ragle gumm "2nd" (alm 69) and mark bradley "the gloaming" (alm 70).

latest releases are finally ready. as we always try to do it, these three releases show how diverse ambient music can be:
- encomiast "malpais" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 68); multi-layered ambient/drone from the dark side,
- ragle gumm "2nd" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 69); mysterious newcomer from the industrial world,
- mark bradley "the gloaming" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 70); soft and hypnotic synthetic soundscape.
as usual, these three releases are also available as downloadable FLAC files. please check the
releases page for full details (artwork, press-release, mp3 sample).

finally, we're back in business! mail-order is now up and running.
three new releases will see the light of day before the end of next week. they are ENCOMIAST, RAGLE GUMM and MARK BRADLEY. more details very soon!

mail-order is closed during our moving. things should get back to normal end of september/early october. please be patient if you place an order, we'll have a limited internet access!

mail-order is closed until august, 6th. please be patient if you place an order!
july releases are delayed to mid-august at best.

french post has just raised and changed their rates... so we've updated ours, unfortunately!

a 20th playlist has just been added featuring music from mathias delplanque, tanner menard, relmic statute and many others. please check the
taâlem radio page.

we've just added a little audio player on the
releases page gathering audio extracts from all the taâlem releases. 67 samples for 6h30 of music!!!

three new taâlem releases are just out since last sunday. they are:
- mirko uhlig "the strings that heal the orchestra" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 65),
- nigel samways "illumine" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 66),
- james mcdougall "between no ground and the bay leaf tree" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 67).
these three releases are also available as downloadable FLAC files. please check the
releases page for full details (artwork, press-release, mp3 sample).

a new playlist (the 19th) is also online. as usual, a one hour-long program that you can stream and/or download, with extracts from recent free netreleases in the ambient/experimental/field recordings/drone/etc world. please check the taâlem radio page.

an 18th playlist is online. 60min full of drone/experimental/field recordings/dark ambient/whatever soundscapes taken from various free netreleases with slightly mixed together: dallas simpson, five elements music, brian grainger, the beautiful schizophonic and many more. as usual, check the
taâlem radio page.

reviews for the
voice of eye, christopher mcfall & asher and celer releases have just been published in the french magazine d-side. they've been added to each release page.

a new playlist, the 17th, is right now available: a streamable/downloadable 57min programme featuring extracts from various free netreleases by aidan baker, daivd tagg, materia aurora, pure & hati and many more. please check the
taâlem radio page. past programmes are still available for download on the archive page.

the first reviews for the latest 3"cd-r's are just out, thanks to
vital weekly. from now on reviews will be added to each release page. past reviews will (slowly!) be added too.

available for one week, here are the three latest taâlem releases. after four japanese artists last october, we are very proud to propose you four american artists:
- voice of eye "primaera" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 62); does the american duo really need to be presented? active for twenty years and thankfully back in business in 2007, bonnie mcnairn and jim wilson have created especially for taâlem a rich, complex & atmospheric 18min-long track. truly beautiful!
- christopher mcfall & asher "an amber hollowed night" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 63); collaboration between these two artists from the ambient/field recordings/experimental scene. created from piano fragments and installation soundtrack from asher and field recordings from mcfall, their multi-layered piece is a monument of evocative music...
- celer "all at once is what eternity is" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 64); celer fastly gained a very strong reputation in the ambient world thanks to their delicate & refined music. here's a new fine example of celer exquisite soundscapes...
these three releases are right now available as FLAC files too. please check the
releases page for more details.

the new releases (3"cd-r's by voice of eye, christopher mcfall & asher, celer) should hopefully be ready in a couple of days. in the meantime, a new playlist in the
taâlem radio is available.

a 15th playlist is available for your listening pleasure. almost one hour of ambient/drone/experimental/field recordings/etc. music taken from various free netreleases. you can listen to the program online or download it. previous program is still downloadable too. check the
taâlem radio page.

many thanks to all the people who ordered "naoshimabox", it's already sold out!

after a long pause, new releases are finally ready. four new 3"cd-r's and a limited object to celebrate these four discs. all coming from japan, they are:
- chihei hatakeyama "white sun" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 58); known for his releases on krany or room40, chihei hatakeyama proposes here a fascinating & structured piece based on acoustic guitar.
- pollypraha "jule" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 59); influenced by contemporary music, takeyuki hakozaki creates hypnotizing soundscapes mainly based on processed strings.
- nature of dislocation "elements" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 60); a group of five multimedia artists (music, photography, video, performance). hiroki sasajima and takahisa hirao (in charge of the music) perform pure ambient music, full of melancholy.
- saito koji "prayer" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 61); guitar & effects, that's what saito koji uses to create his trance-inducing sounds you might have already heard on the gears of sand or resting bell labels.
as usual, these four releases are also available as FLAC files.

and now for something different: "naoshimabox", a special object that gathers the four above mentioned 3"s in a nice printed cardboard slipcase. "naoshimabox" includes a fifth exclusive 3"cd-r with unreleased tracks by each artist. "naoshimabox" is limited to 22 numbered copies and is only available from taâlem, not from distributors.

check the
releases page for full details.

finally, a 14th playlist is available at taâlem radio. we've a bit changed the concept: all selected tracks (taken from various netreleases) are now mixed together to form a downloadable one-hour long program. check the
radio page.

an important day for taâlem and its latest sublabel
Lucioléditions: the brand-new disc by INTERNAL FUSION is available. and it's a CD, yes, a real CD!!!
limited to 300 copies and presented in a slim transparent dvd-case with a full-printed cover, "tribute to hastia" gathers six long & evolutive compositions that show INTERNAL FUSION's evolution. gone are the ethnic/tribal influences and the muslimgauze/rapoon comparisons, this latest disc has a darker & more minimal feeling. his strongest work ever!
check the
Lucioléditions website for full details (press-release, cover, mp3s).

out for about one month are three new taâlem releases and one (2cdr set) release on Kokeshidisk. they are:
- tzesne "crossing TierraHueca" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 55); four rather short tracks from this talented basque sound artist, mixing field recordings and processing for a maybe more ambient result than usual.
- mathias delplanque "ma chambre quand je n'y suis pas (paris)" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 56); not to be confused with the almost same titled disc released by mondes elliptiques in 2006, they have nothing in common (except the quality!). created in 2001 but never released, this piece, at the border of concrete and drone, was especially remixed and edited.
- michael northam "memory of A" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 57); travelling around the world for 15 years, michael northam has worked with many artists and visited many places... this piece was recorded under the rain in india then mixed in berlin.
- aidan baker / arc (2cd-r set on Kokeshidisk, kodi 12); compiled by aidan baker himself, these discs (80min each!) gather various tracks taken from rare and/or out-of-print releases issued on cdr, cd or mp3, and compilations. the aidan baker disc has a very melodic, droney and shiny tone while the arc one is full of tribal ambiences the trio is known for.
see the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the akifumi nakajima 2cd-r set.

please note that the three taâlem releases are also available as FLAC files. check each release page for full details.

a new playlist for taâlem radio, the 13th, has recently be posted featuring some more extracts from free downloadable netreleases. lots of exciting new artists to discover!

out for one week are three new taâlem releases and one cdr on the recently launched
Lucioléditions subdivision. they are:
- horchata vs. sil muir (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 52); a work done with 6 hands: deep ambient from horchata with guitar-based ambient/drone from sil muir, latest project featuring andrea marutti and andrea ferraris.
- cordell klier "phono 4" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 53); the ultra-active & multi-talented american musician offers here a new side of his work: minimal lowercase/microsound that could remind you bernhard gunter or francisco lopez.
- vox populi! "soft entrance to nature's camino de luz" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 54); finally some new music from this legendary experimental french band!!! mostly a solo work by axel kyrou in in a more experimental/surrealistic/environmental vein.
- 1000schoen "amish glamour (music for the sixth sense)" (cd-r on Lucioléditions, llns one); brand-new album by this german audio/visual artist, ex-member of maeror tri. beautiful & refined ambient...
see the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Lucioléditions website for the 1000schoen disc.

something new some people have requested: we now offer some taâlem releases as downloadable files. right now, the three lastest taâlem releases are available as FLAC files at a reasonable price. the procedure via paypal & payloadz is fast, easy and fully secured. check each release page for more details!

as taâlem/Kokeshidisk is closed from today for three weeks, there are no new releases right now, they should be ready late august/early september.

out for about six weeks (sorry for the delay in updating the websites!) are three taâlem releases and one (double!) release on Kokeshidisk:
- moljebka pvlse "fall in woodland cemetery" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 49); beautiful, evolutive & minimal drone from sweden.
- opium "etere" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 50); stunning ethno-ambient by this italian artist known for his releases on hic sunt leones or silentes and his collaborations with alio die or francesco paladino.
- brian lavelle "the petrified forest" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 51); two melancholic & highly evocative tracks from this scottish artist
- akifumi nakajima "water 1991" (2cd-r set on Kokeshidisk, kodi 11); a kind of follow-up to "water 1990" reissued in 2005; two discs meant to be played together but that can perfectly be played separately.
see the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the akifumi nakajima 2cd-r set.

next releases should be out late june...

available for a few days, the latest taâlem & Kokeshidisk releases are ready to be shipped! they are:
- jgrzinich "ferric" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 46) ; one 20min long piece created by this eminent american (but living in estonia) sound artist and based upon fields recordings, a wind harp and various improvised wire and metal constructions.
- hum "caldron of winds" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 47) ; three beautiful tracks mixing drones and natural sounds from this talented & prolific russian artist (previous releases include a 7" on drone records and a cd-r on mystery sea).
- ben fleury-steiner "he dreams in rivers" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 48) ; head of the gear of sand label, also known under the paradin and light of shipwreck aliases and for collaborations with aidan baker or oophoi, ben fleury-steiner proposes here two highly evocative droney pieces, as its title suggests it...
- lecanora "immunity" (cd-r on Kokeshidisk, kodi 10) ; lecanora was cyril herry's alias in 2001-2003, between the end of exotoendo (he was one of the founding members) and the birth of ninth desert (his latest solo project). four albums were recorded during that time but for various reasons were never released. we have compiled "immunity" from these unreleased works, a kind of best of lecanora! expect ambient/ritual atmospheres, percussion, drones, treatments & effects...
please note that people who purchase the "immunity" disc can download an exclusive bonus album (featuring seven more tracks) from the Kokeshidisk website.
see the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the lecanora cd-r.

the taâlem radio playlist was also updated a few weeks ago and will remain online during january. we dedicated this programme to the excellent italian label AFE records run by our beloved andrea marutti. check right now the taâlem radio if you haven't done it before!

if you haven't noticed yet, we have a myspace page. we'll soon implement there another music player featuring extracts of every taâlem & Kokeshidisk release for those who prefer streaming to downloading music!
it should be ready before the end of the month.

it's been longer than planned but here is finally a bunch (SIX!) of new releases, both on taâlem & Kokeshidisk. they are:
- telepherique vs. s·core "past-art" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 41) ; a kind of follow-up to "result of a mail-art 1992" (see below). telepherique has reworked a s·core 7" for a fascinating track and has added a very personal piece to the 3".
- conscientia peccati vs. stillstand "rites ov lamashtu" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 42) ; martin steinebach strikes again! two years after the ambient/tribal/noise of compest, here's a smooth & melodic piece full of effects & ethnic sounds.
- emmanuel mieville "magnetic fields and shrouded flux" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 43) ; french composer/phonographer mixing musique concrète, field recordings and drones for two fascinating pieces.
- spiracle "lumen" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 44) ; "around 19 minutes of harmonic drone piece, like warm mercurial metalic texture slowly flow through capillary vessels" as says the artist...
- yui onodera "le jardin" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 45) ; minimal & melodic drones composed by this japanese artist.
- telepherique vs. s·core "result of a mail-art 1992" (cd-r on Kokeshidisk, kodi 9) ; reissue of a cassette previously released on telepherique own's label, this collaboration is a perfect example of the strange & captivating atmospheres s·core could create, reworked & transformed by the many different sounds of telepherique.
please note that a special limited edition titled "result of present & past mail-arts 1992-2007" is also available. it gathers this cd-r (kodi 9), the 3" (alm 41), the s·core 7" telepherique has reworked and a remastered version (done by andrea marutti) of this 7" on a 3"cd-r. it comes in an oversized cardboard envelope with german/or japanese stamps. each copy is unique!
please see the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the telepherique vs. s·core cd-r.

new releases are a bit delayed due to various little problems... in the meantime, a new playlist is online. check right now the
taâlem radio !

a few days ago four more new discs were released :
- goose "isabel" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 38) ; an hypnotic & acoustic droney track recorded during the isabel hurricane. furthermore it's been gorgeously mastered by the expert hands & ears of andrea marutti.
- christian renou "gone with the wound" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 39) ; we're very proud to have christian on board. savant mix between experimental & ambient musics as he's known for.
- netherworld "hallucinations" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 40) ; after the highly praised "cryosphere" compilation he released on his own label, here're two new deep & dreamy ambient pieces in the italian tradition.
- toy.bizarre "kdi dctb 008 | 1996-2000" (cd-r on Kokeshidisk, kodi 8) ; subtitled "a collection of forgotten & unreleased pieces of rural headphone electro(acoustro)nic music", this cd-r, as its subtitle suggests it, is a collection of tracks previously released on long sold-out and/or obscure compilations and/or discs with the addition of two unreleased tracks. listening to these ultra detailed raw and/or processed field recordings is highly recommended.
check the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the toy.bizarre cd-r.

january releases are a bit late. while waiting, some news :
- new year, new playlist at the
taâlem radio. 150min for your listening pleasure.
- more stuff we got through trades with various labels added at the
ordering page: alio die, oophoi, bardoseneticcube, maeror tri, lunar abyss deus organum and many others. stock is extremely limited (1 copy generally).

a brand-new develoment for taâlem! and you should like it as it's totally free. one year after the very successful free downloadable "sans titre, 2001-2004" compilation (about 1500 downloads, and it's still available), we've decided to launch a kind of netlabel for the taâlem artists, a kind of "space of freedom" for them. each netrelease comes with full printable artwork and, for those with high-speed coneection, is also available as FLAC files. first featured artists are once again andrea marutti (already the first one to be released in the taâlem 3"cd-r series) and ninth desert. check the
mp3-releases page for full details !

not only three new releases this time, but four :
- shifts "branches" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 35), a motor-driven acoustic guitar playing by frans de waard (member of beequeen, wander, kapotte muziek...). fantastic drone !
- bardoseneticcube "the sacral member (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 36), two tracks in the ambient/ritual genre, not unlike our beloved internal fusion.
- 2kilos &More "9,21" (3"cd-r on taâlem, alm 37), the first disc of a french duo, mastered by norscq, two evolutive & complex tracks full of detailed sounds.
- y.ann "valytheme" (cd-r on Kokeshidisk, kodi 7), a reissue of the first & only y.ann tape (one of the ultra milkmaids twins), eight tracks close to the the old ultra milkmaids sound (some of them were in fact ultra milkmaids demos). beautiful ambiences...
all these releases have of course artworks by cyril herry.
check the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the y.ann cd-r.

we got some Afe Records releases through a trade, please have a look at the
ordering page.
september playlist is still online too, a fine selection of 21 tracks for 128 minutes between ambient, field recordings, experimental musics...

after some delay, the july releases on taâlem & Kokeshidisk labels are ready. please welcome :
- botchan karisen "réactions mécaniques" (3''cd-r on taâlem, alm 33), a 20min track mixing an obsessive un/de-tuned piano melody and sound treatments ;
- M.B. "bactérie" (3''cd-r on taâlem, alm 34), the italian legend is back for good with this 24min track, with
rather ambient & evolutive construction and venenous & penetrating sounds...
- désaccord majeur "la couleur odorante (cd-r on Kokeshidisk, kodi 6), a reissue of the long sold-out tape released on our previous label Harmonie. this new edition comes with two previously unreleased bonus tracks.
check the
releases page for more details on the taâlem 3''cd-r's and the Kokesidisk website for the désaccord majeur cd-r.
also, a brand-new playlist is available on the
taâlem radio !

a brand-new playlist is available on the
taâlem radio. 122min between ambient, experimental, industrial, tribal & field recordings...

now that we're back from japan, the new releases were released late april. as usual, two new 3"cd-r's in the taâlem series. they are :
- toy.bizarre "kdi dctb 122 [f]" (alm 31), finally a brand-new sound work from cédric peyronnet ;
- ninth desert "black session" (alm 32), the latest cyril herry project (exotoendo, lecanora, sechres mound).
all details (artworks, mp3 samples, press-releases) can be found on the
releases page as usual.
- troum "dreaming muzak" (kodi 5), the re-release of their first & only tape. check the
Kokeshidisk website for more info.
as you can notice it above, we've also put online
taâlem radio where you'll find artists/labels we appreciate. watch this page every month for a new playlist.

160106 : new relases for the new year
first of all, very big thanks to all of you who downloaded the
"sans titre, 2001-2004" free online compilation. almost 600 people have already grabbed it and it's still online :-)
many thanks also to the ones who took advantage of the december promotion. it's over now but it might come back sooner or later...
in the meantime, brand-new releases are available.
- two 3"cd-r's in the taâlem series : klood "negation" (alm 29) and aalfang mit pferdekopf . emerge "die kosmische zygote" (alm 30). pure ambient for the first one, mix between dark ambient and experimental music for the second ones. as usual, you'll find all details (including stunning artwork by cyril herry) on the
releases page.
- third new release is on the Kokeshidisk sub-label. it's the long awaited Chöd cd-r, a re-release of the long sold-out tape we released on our previous label Harmonie in 1998. check the
Kokeshidisk website for more info.

051205 : taâlem fourth anniversary !
to celebrate it, many surprises :
- as some of you may have noticed it already, all the 3"s are now printed, just like the latest ones. new designs have been done by our beloved artist cyril herry (sometimes with the contribution of malika uhlen). check the
releases page to have a look at all these wonderful designs.
- there's a special promotion during all this month of december : buy five 3"s, get a sixth one for free. same for Kokeshidisk releases : buy the three cd-r's, get a 3" for free. you can combinate both promotions, of course :-) just send a seperate mail to name your freebies.
ordering page is where you have to go.
- another freebie, in the works for months :
"sans titre, 2001-2004". this is a free downloadable mp3 compilation gathering the 22 first artists who released a 3" on taâlem. each artist (except two) has contributed an exclusive track. the compilation comes with complete artwork (done by cyril herry, of course) to design a 2cd-r set.

031005 : just in time for the new releases
two brand-new 3"cd-r's in the taâlem series : tarkatak "heschl hel" (alm 27) and cría cuervos "des tempes qui se marbrent ou se vitrifient" (alm 28), both in the dark-ambient fields... as usual, all details can be found on the
releases page.
another new release is on the Kokeshidisk label : sechres mound "D2 740m440" (kodi 3). sechres mound was cédric peyronnet (toy bizarre) and cyril herry (lecanora, ninth desert, founder member of exotoendo) experimenting and recording in a monumental & unused tank. please have a look at the
Kokeshidisk site for more info.
the links page has also been updated.
we have also some copies of one of the latest Bardoseneticcube cd-r for sale (see
ordering page, a 3"cd-r on taâlem will come next year) we got through a trade with the label. let us know if you'd have interest in stuff like that.

050705 : three new releases again
two in the taâlem series : pholde "in the subset of all elements" (alm 25) and compest "benu" (alm 26). see the
releases page for full details. these two 3" inaugurate the brand-new design of the taâlem series. gone is the black & white xeroxed cover sticker. now the 3" itself is full-coloured printed, designed by cyril herry. his first two artworks are simply gorgeous !
the third new release is on the Kokeshidisk sublabel : akifumi nakajima "water 1990" (kodi 2). akifumi is best known under his AUBE alias of course. see the
Kokeshidisk site for more info.

020605 : small update
reviews page was finally updated.

190405 : three new releases
first two are the brand-new taâlem 3"cd-r's : daniel menche "scather" (alm 23) and nullkommajosefh "infidel part 2" (alm 24). see the
releases page.
third new releases is on the brand-new taâlem sublabel, Kokeshidisk : the long-awaited Internal Fusion cd-r "Atona Ton Tona" (kodi 1). check the
Kokeshidisk website for full details on this beautiful release.

230305 : new releases are almost ready !
some more days to wait and april releases will be ready to dispatch.
they are daniel menche "scather" (alm 23) and nullkommajosefh "infidel part 2" (alm 24). as usual, check the releases page for covers, press releases and mp3s.

120105 : six months without any update. but taâlem isn't dead :-)
three months ago, two 3"s were released, even if they didn't show up on the site. they were mathieu ruhlmann "somne" (alm 19) and dronaement "fuer mur" (alm 20). they are now waiting for you on the
releases page, with a little bonus for the dronaement one, please have a look.
five days ago, two more 3"s were released. they are aube "pôle nord" (alm 21) and kar "sfrigor" (alm 22). those two are also waiting for you on the
releases page (and the ordering one too).
more 3"s to come during 2005 !
on a sad side note, our friends from italian label
s'agita recordings have just announced they ceased all their activities a few days ago. their excellent releases will be missed.

280704 : delay, delay, delay... i've had some problems with my cd burner but now everything is fine ! no Xivic "i do blame you" (alm 17) and ellende "bitter lemons" (alm 18) are officially available. next 3"s will now be out in october. and there might be a little surprise :-) more to come soon !
also, please welcome Structural Suffering Recordings as a new distributor in belgium. check the
distributors section.

200504 : next 3"s are almost ready ! no Xivic "i do blame you" (alm 17) & ellende "bitter lemons" (alm 18) should be out in june, together with a little surprise (click here to have a preview). in the meantime, you can have all the details (including mp3s) about those 3"s on the releases page. plans page is also updated with many new releases added for 2005 !
also, ordering is now easier than ever ! check the
ordering page and click on all those buttons !

180404 : alm 15 & alm 16 are ready to be shipped. released one month ago just before i left for 3 wonderful weeks in japan... so click on the releases page to discover aidan baker "the taste of summer on your skin" (alm 15) and edward ruchalski "refined localities part one" (alm 16).
again some bad news, french post has dramatically increased their international rates and us dollar is still low so we have changed (again) our policy : please have a look at the
ordering page.

010204 : some news from the taâlem camp ! have a look at the releases & plans pages, you'll find there everything you need to know about some of the future releases...
the links page was also finally updated.

051003 : finally some new releases ! two 3" are now ready :
- tidal "silent knife speaks" (alm 13),
- kristian olsson "laudanum" (alm 14).
full details (press-releases, cover, mp3s) on the releases page.
one bad news : thanks to the french post, we are forced to change the price of the taâlem releases. each 3"cd-r is now 5.50 euro for europe and 6 dollars anywhere else, still postpaid. sorry about that...

170303 : april releases are on the way. they will be :
- raumerkundung "flug 4-5-6" (alm 11),
- yannick dauby "chant de dune" (alm 12).
press-releases will be available soon but you can already listen to the mp3s. check the releases page !

010303 : the special promo is over. thanks to all those who ordered during this period.
also updated the plans pages as we're getting more and more masters and submissions. keep on getting in touch !
finally, we've started an announcement-only mailing-list. if you want to be kept informed of taâlem's activites, simply send a mail to we won't send tons of mails everyday, don't worry, it'll be more on a monthly basis...

220103 : december releases are ready at least. chaos as shelter "message" and arc "13th" are waiting for you in the releases page. also updated the plans page and created an ordering page.

also, to celebrate taâlem first anniversary, there is a special promotion till the end of february 2003.
if you order at least four 3", you get one more for free. and if you order eight 3", you get the complete collection (ten 3"). remember, till the 28th of february 2003 only !

091002 : updated the plans pages. more to come !

130902 : finally an update........ june releases have been horribly delayed....... they are now available together with the september ones..... so here are the news :
- désaccord majeur "la neuvième heure" (alm 5)
- liquid sphere "hypocracy" (alm 6)
- nimh "lanna memories" (alm 7)
- james p. keeler "5 shades for a grey room" (alm 8)
check the releases page for press-releases and soundclips !

290502 : the june releases are almost ready. official release date is now 170602. there has been a little change though : Raumerkundung 3" is delayed till september due to technical problems with the master. it's replaced by liquid sphere (alm 6) which proposes 22 minutes of beautiful minimal dark ambient. alm 5 is still désaccord majeur two majestic evoluting tracks...
see releases page for track listings and mp3 samples. by the way, the relases page have been changed. you now have separate pages for each release.

170502 : added reviews of the first four 3" thanks to re:mote induction. see reviews page.
updated the distributors page.

180402 : added a list of distributors that carry some (or all) of our releases in france, germany, italy, united kingdom and usa.

040402 : finally added cover scans for the last two releases.

230302 : after some delay, two new 3" cd-r will be out on 250302 : Internal Fusion "NedenBahe" (alm 3) and Lecanora "krack" (alm 4). check releases page for details and mp3s.
two more productions are already planned for a june release, see plans page.
also many labels and friendly mail-order companies are added to the links page.

061201 : alm 1 & alm 2 were released three days ago.
each 3" is now available directly from us for 5 euros post paid in europe and 5 us dollars anywhere else.
see releases page for full details (press-releases, cover scans and mp3s).

261101 : two productions are planned for december, 3 :
andrea marutti (the man behind Amon / Never Known) and i: wound (ethno-experimental from germany).
see plans page for details and mp3 samples !

081001 : many links for some bands we like are added. feel free to send us links submissions.

230901 : launch of the new taâlem website. taâlem should be born again in the first days of december, 2001. check the aim page for further details.