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chihei hatakeyama / pollypraha / nature of dislocation / saito koji

31 october 2009

phtography & artwork : delphine ancelle-b.
comes in a full-printed cardbord slipcase


as we were releasing four japanese artists at the same time, we started to think of something special to gather the four discs. the photos chosen for the discs led to something simple: we had selected four pictures taken at naoshima, a unique place in japan (and in the world!), an island litterally transformed into an open-air museum devoted to contemporary arts (check for more info about naohima).
we then designed & created a handmade cardboard slipcase to hold the four discs (
alm 58, alm 59, alm 60 and alm 61) plus an exclusive fifth disc with one unreleased track by each featured artists.

"naoshimabox" is limited to 22 numbered copies and is only available directly from ta‚lem.


tracklisting :
disc one (alm 58)
1. chihei hatakeyama "white sun"

disc two (alm 59)
1. pollypraha "jule 0"
2. pollypraha "jule #"
3. pollypraha "jule 1"

disc three (alm 60)
1. nature of dislocation "atmospheric current"
2. nature of dislocation "daylight"
3. nature of dislocation "lagoon"

disc four (alm 61)
1. saito koji "prayer"

disc five (exclusive bonus disc)
1. chihei hatakeyama "cloud"
2. pollypraha "spaces 2"
3. nature of dislocation "calm"
4. saito koji "exsky"