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almbox 2
nobuto suda / hitoshires / hakobune / ieva
"jizokuonbox (kyoto)"

15 september 2011

phtography & artwork : delphine ancelle-b.
comes in a full-printed cardbord slipcase


the idea of creating a new box, two years after the highly successful "naoshimabox" (almbox 1) came a few months back, when we got HITOSHIRES' submission, a few weeks/months after we got NOBUTO SUDA's tracks. two japanese artists in the ambient/drone fields, both living in kyoto, japan. we then asked HAKOBUNE to join this project and asked him to recommend a fourth artist. funnily enough, the fourth artist was a french one, IEVA, at that time living in kyoto too. so we had the concept!

the title was found by HAKOBUNE, when asked if there was a japanese word for drone. "jizokuon" means "a sound that sustains".

"jizokuonbox kyoto)" contains the four individual 3"cd-r's which are also available separately:
- NOBUTO SUDA "twilight garden" (
alm 78),
- HITOSHIRES "stella" (
alm 79),
- HAKOBUNE "believed remains" (
alm 80),
- IEVA "la cascade de la montagne de l'aube [
??? ??]" (alm 81).

two bonus discs are exclusive to the disc:
- on the first disc, an unreleased 20min collaborative track by HAKOBUNE, IEVA and NOBUTO SUDA,
- on the second disc, four unreleased solo tracks by each artist.

"jizokuonbox (kyoto)" is limited to 33 numbered copies and is only available directly from ta‚lem.


tracklisting :
disc one (
alm 78)
1. nobuto suda "twilight garden"

disc two (alm 79)
1. hitoshires "stella"

disc three (alm 80)
1. hakobune "believed remains"

disc four (alm 81)
1. ieva "la cascade de la montagne de l'aube [
??? ??]

disc five (exclusive bonus disc)
1. hakobune, ieva, nobuto suda "live performance in fushimi, kyoto"

disc six (exclusive bonus disc)
1. nobuto suda "sit on the grass"
2. hitoshires "early kamagawa morning"
3. hakobune "shirotae"
4. ieva "take no mori"

(please check the individual discs pages for sound samples)